Yahoo finance uses “N” word prompting #*iggernavy on twitter

Yahoo Finance says it accidently tweeted out a racial epithet when promoting a story about the cost of President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to increase the size of the U.S. Navy.

The headline for the story on Yahoo Finance is, “Trump Wants a Much Bigger Navy: Here’s How Much It’ll Cost.” But when it was tweeted Thursday, the word “bigger” had an ‘n’ as its first letter instead of a ‘b.’

The tweet was deleted and Yahoo Finance tweeted an apology, blaming the mistake on a spelling error. Check out the full article here

The “B” is really close to the “N” on most keyboards. And because of that fact, Twitter reports search terms like “Yahoo Finance tweet” and “Black Twitter” and “N**** Navy” trending today. That’s because when Yahoo Finance attempted to tweet a headline that read “Trump wants a much bigger navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost,” the “bigger” didn’t read “bigger” at all. Instead, the N-word racial epithet was written in its place, a likely inadvertent typo that “Black Twitter” is taking in stride with a series of jokes appearing on Twitter. As seen in the below tweet, Yahoo Finance quickly apologized to “Black Twitter” and Twitter at large for their spelling error.

This was probably one of the more interesting article written about the yahoo finance blunder you can find the entire article on this page.

We think these are a few more hilarious tweets below. Black twitter is letting yahoo finance have it with the roasts.

So black twitter being the cool and hip collective it is has created #niggernavy and completely turned this thing into a huge joke as you can see with the above tweets. Go to twitter and search the hashtag to see some of the most hilarious and outrageous plays on this mistake.

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